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Feeling positive.

Greetings earthlings! So, I’ve been getting these weird feelings lately that something good is about to happen. I actually wanted to make a whole new blog post about this so I didn’t mention it in my last post. I don’t ever feel anything good is about to happen because my moods usually are very low due to my health conditions and I find it so weird that I’m feeling something positive at a time like this. As you know that I’ve been sick lately and because of this sickness I’ve been feeling extra bummed out and low but surprisingly, along with feeling so dull, I’ve also been sensing that something good is coming my way. I lay in bed thinking what is going on, why am I so sick and in so much pain, I feel like everything is over but then suddenly I get these good happy thoughts and feelings that something really great is about to happen or I’m going to receive some good news! It’s like my brain interrupts my heart and says, “NO! Stop feeling this way! Something good is coming your way very soon so stop worrying!” I’m not able to pin point to exactly what is about to happen or if something will really happen but these feelings seem so strong. Maybe it’s hope knocking on my door telling me to open up and get out of the pity party room? Whatever it is, it’s helping me move forward and forget what’s been going on for the past couple of weeks. If anything does happen. I will keep you all posted! Goodbye for now.

The after math of an infection.

Hey, I’m finally back! I got the IV out of my hand last week but was in no mood of blogging because I was just tired, physically and mentally. Everyday I thought of turning on of my laptop and putting my thoughts into words but I felt so unmotivated and bummed out. As soon as I got the IV out I was so pumped to take on this world and go back to living life but I still feel pain and weakness therefore I am on stand by! This is exactly why my blog is called life interrupted, once again my health has interrupted me from doing daily normal activities, in other words, interrupted my life! My mood has been so dull and low, sometimes I feel anger and frustration, other times I just feel like eating a whole tub of ice cream, pies, chips, chocolate, candies and all the other yummy comfort foods! I am very big on comfort food, it may not be the best thing to do but I hereby certify that delicious food has the ability to turn that frown upside down! And yes, these past two weeks all I have been doing is eating, eating and eating some good junk food! Ugh, I just realized that I need to exercise all those calories off when I feel better. Let’s not think about that right now though! So, I was saying, my mood has been super low ever since I caught the infection because I know that it gets in the way of everything and you can’t really do much when you have a needle in your hand. I was feeling like a loser just sitting at home, not doing anything and the worst part of it all was that while I was in India last month, I decided that I’m going to come back to Canada and finish where I left off in school so I can get a university degree but ever since September 1st I’ve been sick and in so much pain. Stomach pain is the worst pain ever! I made such good plans in India but this infection kind of threw me off and delayed everything. So, because of that, I felt sad and unmotivated to do anything. It just felt so unfair that for the first time in my life I wanted to do something positive for myself but something INTERRUPTED me, once again. You know what’s funny, every time I talk about going back to school and getting a degree, I always end up very sick or something gets in the way of me achieving that goal, its like someone up there has other plans for me. I’ve thought about it and I think He’s going to make me very famous one day or I’m going to get married to a superstar and be very rich that I don’t even need an education! Haha, I wish. Anyways, so I just kind of stayed at home and thought about things and I realized that I cannot let this obstacle come in the way of living my life so I’m going to go out there and be the KING OF THE WORLD! If this was the 16 year old me, I would just give up on everything and lock my self in my room but I am much older and wiser now to do that. By the way, let me know in the comments what you do when you’re sick because I can’t think of doing much other than watching television and You tube videos, sometimes it gets so boring! Anyways, so here I am again, getting back up and not giving up on life or this blog. I hope you didn’t forget about me and are ready for some more blog posts because while I was getting better, I made a list of things I wanted to talk about in my blog so keep a look out for them! Goodbye for now.