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Where I have been for the past 2 months.

HELLO EVERYONE! Oh my goodness, I have missed blogging so much! I kind of fell off because I wasn’t feeling all that great about myself and the situation I was in and I’m not going to lie, I actually did not want to blog anymore because I thought that there was no point in further blogging because everything that I write is so negative and I didn’t want it to rub off on the people that read my posts so I did kind of back out. There would be days when I would have this strong urge to turn on my lap top and start writing but then I realized that I only have negative topics to write about such as how bad my day went or how sad I am with my current situation and that completely threw me off. However, I woke up today thinking otherwise. I realized that this is real life and not every day is going to be sugar and spice, and everything nice and it is totally okay. I created this blog for the sole purpose of helping people and making them realize that sometimes life happens and when you’re going through a rough patch, you need to make the most of it and pull through. I realized that that was not what I was doing, I was pulling through but I was not making the most out of it. I was doing just the opposite by sitting at home, hiding from the world, feeling sorry for myself, thinking that everything was over for me but I realized this morning that that is not the way to live and if anything I’m just making my situation worse. Everybody on this planet and the aliens in outer space go through good times as well as some really bad times, that is just life and my main purpose for this blog is to help people come out of the bad times or help change their thoughts by documenting my not so normal crazy life, telling them that if I can get out of some situations then so can they. But for the past two months I wasn’t in a good place mentally and I would be sad for many days and not want to leave my house or do anything. Some days, I could not walk because of the pain in my legs and that really took over my mind that I could not physically do anything, even something as small as blogging. I thought that I had nothing to blog about anymore because of all the negativity that was surrounding me but that has all changed now! I have realized that I can also document the bad times and bring my readers along with me during these times so they can learn a thing or two, maybe by knowing what I’m going through and how I overcame the bad times, they can overcome theirs. They’ll have some type of aid and I am 100% sure that my readers can learn how to be strong when going through rough times from me so here I am again, I can take my bad times and turn it in a positive thing and we can all stay strong together, it’s a win win situation for everyone! Anyways, I have an appointment I need to go to but I will come back and post some more. Until next time, stay positive and keep your head up high my loves.


Learning from my mistakes.

Hello again, that’s three blog posts in one week! Are you proud of me or what?! So, today was a good day for me, I went to the mall after so long! I needed to go because I have three gift cards from two years ago and I’m afraid they’ll tell me that I won’t be able to use it because the cards have expired, however I don’t know if gift cards ever do expire, do you know? Darn it, I should have asked them! So I walked around for three hours and came out with absolutely nothing! By the way, I’m feeling much better from the infection, although I do have a little, teeny, tiny bit of a stomach pain and I’m trying my best to ignore it. So yes, I came out with nothing after walking around the mall for three whole hours, I was mad but kind of not, I guess I was just content that I got to leave my house because I was inside those four walls for too long. It was a nice atmosphere at the mall, Santa was there taking pictures, Christmas lights were shining bright and people had on their Santa hats. It really got me in a festive mood that now I feel like calling some of my friends over, watching some classic Christmas movies, eating cookies and building gingerbread man houses. Speaking of gingerbread man houses, I need to go and pick up a kit because for the past 3 years I’ve been talking about building one but whenever I go to the mall or store to buy one, it’s all sold out! I do go last minute so this year I made it a goal to grab one sooner! Anyways, so this time of the year is my favorite, well I actually love September all the way through February. No, I’m not a big fan of summer, crazy I know! I love when the weather starts to get chilly because then I have an excuse to wear my big furry boots, chunky sweaters with leggings and scarves! There were really good sales on sweaters but nothing excited me, even at Sephora and I love Sephora! I went in to actually buy something because I had a 50$ gift card from my sister but seriously there was nothing new that I liked. I literally went up, down and around the mall looking for something to buy because I had three gift cards but it shocks me too that I couldn’t find anything worth buying! I was not even in the mood to have Starbucks and I love Starbucks! However today was a really good day, I’m glad I went out because today I realized that I am not the same person as I was before, in a good way. As I was walking around the mall, I noticed that sometimes my back and legs would feel weak which gave me difficulties in walking straight. I had to take breaks to sit down because my legs and back were hurting. I was just not walking properly today and I don’t care! If this was me five years ago, I would leave the mall, turn back home and feel sorry for my self, also perhaps not leave my house ever again! I would also cry a lot. But today, I was a true champion! I felt pain, sat down, got back up, walked however I felt like walking, did not care about who thought what of me and left the mall feeling like a boss! I was so proud of myself. I learned that I no longer care about what people think of me and that is the biggest accomplishment of my life. I was always so scared about what people were thinking about me and that really caused a tremendous amount of destruction in my life so I am happy that I over came that. It felt as if this big burden had been lifted off my shoulders and I was a free little bird who was allowed to do anything she wanted to do. I no longer felt caged and it was the best feeling I have felt in years. I’m not going to get into it too much on this post but keep a look out for my next post on this topic because I will break it down for you all. I hope you liked reading about my day at the mall, good bye for now!