Archive | March 2016

Midnight mood

Hey everyone, how are you doing today? I had such a crazy busy week, I finally applied for some courses online and that is what has been keeping me occupied but I found some time to blog! I don’t really have a specific topic today but I really was in the mood to blog so I just hopped on my laptop! I’ve actually been wanting to write a blog post for many days but did not have the time, I had so many ideas floating around in my brain but at the moment there is only one topic that comes to mind and that is love. For a while now love has been circulating my mind and why there is so less of it in this world? Why are people so hell bent on picking each other apart? What is all the hate about and like the black eyed peas sang it, where is the love? Why are we humans so viscous and cruel to each other when we all know that it hurts to be put down. Everyone knows everyone has feelings so I am not able to wrap my head around as to why people think they can go around tearing people down with their words. Why don’t people realize that one nasty comment can ruin lives for example calling someone fat can lead them on a 10 year journey of an eating disorder or physically and verbally abusing your spouse can lead them into never wanting to get in a relationship because of fear. What is so hard about being nice? We humans need to stick together and uplift each other, love each other, be kind and help each other. I promise life would become so much easier and positive, we are just ruining it for our selves and everyone else. These days, people have become so scared of trusting and/or falling in love because they don’t want to get their hearts broken and that is just so sad! I mean having your guard up is always a great idea but building a brick wall and shutting yourself out is not! We shouldn’t have to live like that. Sometimes, when I go to the mall I see a group of girls picking another girl apart and I think in disgust why? Why is it so necessary for a girl to pick another girl apart? This world already looks down upon us, we don’t need hate from females as well. Girls should empower and support each other, I swear the World would become a better place. Love will always be the answer and I highly recommend you to try it. Hate is for the weak and nothing good comes out of it. Just try it. Thanks for listening or should I day reading! Tata for now❤