Im back for good.

HIII! Oh my, it has been almost a year and trust me I actually have good excuses to be MIA! First things first, I’ve missed writing so much, I have realized that this is my one true passion (perhaps the only thing that I good at as well, hehe) and my only talent! I love writing so much and I have made up my mind that this is the only thing I’m going to be focusing on at the moment and try to take it somewhere. Secondly, the reason I completely stopped blogging is because I got a job at a salon! It was pretty exciting but unfortunately it ended on bad terms so I had to quit, which will be my next blog post so stay tuned! Regardless of what happened, I am happy that I had the opportunity to learn hairdressing and the cool tips and tricks that came along with it. It wasn’t even hair that I learnt about, I feel as if I’ve learned many life lessons as well, I’ve learned peoples truth in many ways, who to stay away from and who to keep around. How people are and how they think. It was a whole new world in that little salon and I cannot wait until you guys here all about it. My next couple blog posts are going to be all about my 5 month experience there so be sure to keep up with me! Just like I said before my life is like a roller coaster ride and the 5 months that I was training there was also like a roller coaster ride! There were some good times and some bad times but mostly good times. I actually had so much fun working there and met so many nice people which are friends of a lifetime, well only one person I’ll be keeping in touch with forever but the others were still alright. Alright, I’ll talk to you guys later, I’m going to go and make some tea now, bye<3


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