I’m sick!

Hello everyone! I was just itching to get my hands on the computer so I could blog and tell you all about my day yesterday. So, I called my family doctor’s office yesterday in the afternoon to ask them if my other test results were back and if they were, I would be assured that everything was normal and can get on with my life peacefully because I’ve been stressing terribly about them! The receptionist told me
they were back but the doctor had not reviewed them yet and again I could feel my heart making its way up my throat to burst out of my mouth! For that second, I thought to myself, what am I going to do now?! For the past couple of months, all this hospital business has been giving me tremendous amount of anxiety. When I was younger, I remember that I used to go to my appointments alone and take care of everything related to my health all by myself. It’s not that I didn’t have anyone to go with me, my parents used to ask me all the time if they should come along and my mom would actually make the effort to get ready to follow me to the hospital but I would always stop her. I used to see specialists and surgeons to discuss new issues that came up all by myself too, I didn’t ever feel that I needed any type of support from anyone because I knew I had the strength to deal with it all solo. That’s how strong I was but now I freak out over a blood test. Every time I wait at the doctors office, I feel disheartened and think to myself that this is not what a 23 year old is supposed to be doing, I mean yes, people have to visit the doctor once in a while to maintain a good health but 5 DAYS IN A WEEK consecutively?! That has got to be abnormal. Last week, when I had gone to see my urologist, I checked in at the front desk, made my way over to the waiting area and sat down, I looked up and saw that I was surrounded by only old people! No, there is nothing wrong with old people, I actually think that they are very cute but I felt bad because I was the only young person waiting to see the doctor there and it felt so unfair. It felt unfair that all the other people my age are probably out there conquering the world and its successes, and here I am, once again at another doctor’s office waiting to get checked up for the millionth time! I guess I am just getting tired and feeling low about going to the hospital this much and it’s weighing heavy on me – WAIT – I was telling you a story right?! Oh dear, what has gotten into me, I just realized I was telling you about yesterday’s visit to the doctor and I totally went on to tell you something else! Anyway, so I paused after she told me that the doctor had not viewed my reports but then she calmed me down by saying that my doctor will be in until 8 pm tonight and if I wanted to walk in to review my reports with her, I can. So I rushed out the door and made my way over to the clinic. I waited for two hours, and finally the receptionist called by name to come in. The doctor told me the reports indicated that I caught an infection. I actually was not that surprised because for the past couple of days I have not been feeling well, my stomach has been hurting and I’ve been getting mild headaches and fever like symptoms; I knew I was about to come down with something. So she prescribed me medicine and I went home feeling like crap! I hate getting infections, my body feels tired and weak, I can’t do much or get out of the house, I just have to sit at home and rest until I get better therefore it’s just not fun at all! This is not the first time that I caught an infection, I have quite a big history when it comes to them and it’s normal for me to catch them but it gets annoying! By the way, since I will be out of order for the next week or two, does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do while I’m home getting better. It gets pretty boring, sitting at home waiting for my body to bounce back and get stronger so if you do have any suggestions, please comment down below or tell me what you do when you’re sick. Alright, I’m going to go catch up on my favorite show keeping up with the Kardashians! See you later.