My Haunted MRI Report.

Hello everyone! I am so sorry I was not able to post for a week and I know I said I would post a story about when my MRI report got haunted. I sat down the day before Halloween to write it but I could not finish the story because I was in so much pain due to this infection. I wrote about half that night and then finished it throughout this week and finally got the energy to proof read it today. So here it is, enjoy!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I hope you had lots of candy to eat and had fun celebrating it with your family and friends. What were you dressed up as for Halloween, make sure to leave a comment below and also let me know what you did. I actually was not strong enough to do anything because of this infection so I just stayed home and relaxed. Anyway, for the spirit, I would like to tell you a very strange and spooky story about the time when my MRI report got haunted! The story begins in the summer of 2012, when I just came back from my vacation from India and Dubai, it was the best vacation of my life! I was in India for 5 weeks and in Dubai for 1 week. I didn’t notice any changes in my health in India but whilst walking at night in Dubai, I noticed that I was walking a bit different and my feet were killing me. I could tell that something in my back or spine was pulling and not allowing me to take proper steps and also my feet were curving inwards. I didn’t pay much attention to it because I just figured that maybe I wasn’t wearing proper shoes and that’s what was causing the problem and discomfort. A neural tube defect effects its victims differently, not everyone who has this problem has the same abnormalities, for example there are people with this defect who are in wheelchairs whereas there are people who are walking without any help at all. In my case when it comes to my back and legs, I just need to wear proper, wide and flat shoes but that night I was wearing sandals with a bit of heels. After that day, that sharp pain had not come back so I really did enjoy my stay in Dubai and then came back home to Canada! For one month I was good, I was walking without any pain but, that changed quickly. This time, I was at the mall with my sister and her friends when I was experiencing the same pain and discomfort while walking to the movie theatre. While I was taking steps towards the theatre, I knew there was something wrong because this was not normal for me, but regardless of that, I still waited for another month to see if it would continue, and it did. Everyday when I would walk, my back and legs would hurt terribly, some days I was not even able to walk because something in my back seemed to be stuck, I would also get severe neck pain and head aches. I finally called to book an appointment with my orthopedic, he basically told me that this issue did not seem to be mechanical or bone related so I should go see my neurosurgeon which I did and he told me that he will see me after I get an MRI test done. An MRI is a test where they make you lie down in a small machine that looks like a tanning bed, you have to stay still like a zombie for about an hour with LOUD noises banging in your head! I hate getting them done because I am a bit claustrophobic. So, after a couple weeks I got a call from my neurosurgeons office, the receptionist told me that the doctor would like to see me and so I booked an appointment and waited impatiently until that day came! To my surprise there was NOTHING wrong in my MRI report, not even one nerve had been damaged and I know you’re thinking that I should be happy, which I was but more than that I was confused! What was going on in my back? Why was I not able to walk properly like I was before? Why were my feet curving inwards? I asked him and he had no answers. How can he not have any answers, didn’t he go to school for all this?! Was that my MRI report he was reviewing? My mind was blank. I went home that day and told my self that it’s alright, everything will be okay and I will be able to walk soon without any pain. Months went by and I was still experiencing the same issues, I stopped going out and doing the things I like to do, gained a tremendous amount of weight and fell into a bit of depression. I just was not able to walk anymore because it would hurt me. I went back to my neurosurgeon and he still did not have any answers, he held up my MRI report again, showing me that there was nothing wrong with it. I felt like taking that report and shredding it into pieces! There was something seriously wrong with my report, I know a ghost haunted it and made it seem like everything was normal, I don’t know why the ghost would do that but I know it did! That’s the only explanation!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this story! Come back for more, I have TONS of stories like this =)