How I got a job at the salon.

Hi guys, so today I will be writing about the day I got a job at the salon! ENJOY!

It was a hot summer day in July, I was crazy about make up (still am) and was always on the look out for sales because you know your girl is broke!¬†I woke up from a really good sleep, bolted down stairs for some breakfast where good news was just waiting for me at the table. My mom informed me that the Revlon lipsticks were on sale so within a heartbeat I was out the door. Well, of course, I took a shower, got ready and listened to my mom tell me not to buy the whole¬†store. Thankfully Shoppers drug mart, a pharmacy, is only 20 minutes away from where I live so I had the opportunity to walk and lose some calories so I didn’t have to feel too guilty about drinking an iced cap on the way there, hehe!

Anyway, I was on my way, sipping on my iced cap, hoping people had not already snatched some of my favorite colors and suddenly I see my hair dresser walking out of his salon with one of his assistant. I stopped to say hi because that is usually what I do when I see him. I was not his frequent customer because I wasn’t blessed with that Rapunzel hair. I don’t even know how to explain it to you guys, my hair grows one inch in one year. Literally. So basically I’d be paying him a visit once in two years but while I was in that chair getting my haircut we’d be having great conversations about life. I’d let him know what was going on, he’d always listen and try to give me the best advice. Surprisingly, every time I did bump into him he’d always remember our last conversation and tried to keep up with my crazy life. I was actually introduced to him from one of my good old friends so we’d also always talk about her which¬†gave us a mutual topic to keep the conversation going. He’s a 60 year old man so I guess he really knew what he was talking about and gave great advises. Anyways, I said hello to him and asked how he was doing. He replied he was doing fine and asked me what I’m doing with my life now. I wish I had something good to tell him but I did not so I replied I was not doing anything at the moment due to some issues which I did not go further into details with because that would take up the whole afternoon and it seemed like he had somewhere to be. He looked puzzled and right away said these exact words, “alright, why don’t you come in the salon and I will mold you into a hairstylist.”

I could not believe what was coming out of his mouth! Did he just offer me a job? That too a hair styling job? Is this even real life? I love these girly things! But of course, on my face you couldn’t tell that my brain was doing back flips and I decently replied with an alright. The conversation kept going on but my brain was still taking in the fact that I had not even applied for a job yet still got this offer. This was my first actual, real job. I just could not believe it, it was such a great feeling to be offered a job. I don’t think I was that happy in years. I was thinking, maybe this is it. This is what was planned for me from above. Maybe I’m supposed to become a hair stylist and that is why we crossed paths. This is the directions I’m supposed to be going in and I was so ready. So, he told me to come in on Thursday and we parted our ways. I arrived at Shoppers, quickly glanced around and picked up the lipsticks I wanted. Usually, I look around for about 20 to 30 minutes and try on the make up testers and see what was new in the stores but there was no time for that. I wanted to go home and give the good news to my family! I ran home and told them the good news and they were ecstatic! My mom advised me to take the opportunity and start fixing my sleep schedule.¬†So that’s it my friends, that is the beginning of my crazy experience. Trust me, you guys want to hang around because this will get pretty interesting. Alright that’s it for now guys, tune back in about two or three days for my first day experience. Love you guys<3

What my blog will be about.

Hello everyone, how are you guys!? I’ve missed you all so much. I’m waiting for my sister to get ready so we can go to Wal mart and of course she is taking a gazillion years to come down stairs so I thought I’d write a blog post. So, I was thinking about my blog, wondering how I’m going to make it better for you guys and I realized that the only way that people are going to enjoy my posts is if they are true to my existence and my liking’s. What I mean by that is being original and not trying to be someone other than me. I’m going to put out posts about all the things that I like such as make up looks because I stay up until 4 am to watch them hehe, I will post some story time posts too because you know me and my crazy self run into quite the weirdest things and have the craziest days haha. I will of course be putting out many spina bifida posts because that is the main reason why I started this blog but I realized that there is so much more to me than my disability and I would like the world to know more about me than that part of my life. I mean it is a big part of my life yes, but it is definitely not the only thing I have going for me. I’ll also be posting a lot of random things, what ever comes to my mind or happens that day, motivational posts, advices, any questions you guys have more me, and much more. I’m planning to post at least 3 times a week and I am so excited! Alright I hear here coming down, I’m going to go and shop for some more make up haha! Good bye<3

Im back for good.

HIII! Oh my, it has been almost a year and trust me I actually have good excuses to be MIA! First things first, I’ve missed writing so much, I have realized that this is my one true passion (perhaps¬†the only thing that I good at as well, hehe) and my only talent! I love writing so much and I have made up my mind that this is the only thing I’m going to be focusing on at the moment and try to take it somewhere. Secondly, the reason I completely stopped blogging is because I got a job at a salon! It was pretty exciting but unfortunately it ended¬†on bad terms so I had to quit, which will be my next blog post so stay tuned! Regardless of what happened, I am happy that I had the opportunity to learn hairdressing and the cool tips and tricks that came along with it. It wasn’t even hair that I learnt about, I feel as if I’ve learned many life lessons as well, I’ve learned peoples truth in many ways, who to stay away from and who to keep around. How people are and how they think. It was a whole new world in that little salon and I cannot wait until you guys here all about it. My next couple blog posts are going to be all about my 5 month experience there so be sure to keep up with me! Just like I said before my life is like a roller coaster ride and the 5 months that I was training there was also like a roller coaster ride! There were some good times and some bad times but mostly good times. I actually had so much fun working there and met so many nice people which are friends of a lifetime, well only one person I’ll be keeping in touch with forever but the others were still alright.¬†Alright, I’ll talk to you guys later, I’m going to go and make some tea now, bye<3

Now where did I go?

DAMNNNN Samina, back at it again with the same lame excuses! Haha.

Hello everyone! I know I went missing again from my blogs and to be honest it’s just all the same stupid excuses I’ve been giving you guys lately. ¬†I cannot walk anymore without being in pain or my legs swelling up so that has been keeping me pretty occupied and really eating me alive, ¬†I don’t even feel like doing anything anymore nor do I have any motivation to and this feeling just sucks. I know I have to fight it so here is my attempt to do so! I am definitely back on my blog again so keep a look out for more entries and I’ll definitely get more personal with you guys on my posts! ūüôā

Love you all, goodbye!

Midnight mood

Hey everyone, how are you doing today? I had such a crazy busy week, I finally applied for some courses online and that is what has been keeping me occupied but I found some time to blog! I don’t really have a specific topic today but I really was in the mood to blog so I just hopped on my laptop! I’ve actually been wanting to write a blog post for many days but did not have the time, I had so many ideas floating around in my brain but at the moment there is only one topic that comes to mind and that is love. For a while now love has been circulating my mind and why there is so less of it in this world? Why are people so hell bent on picking each other apart? What is all the hate about and like the black eyed peas sang it, where is the love? Why are we humans so viscous and cruel to each other when we all know that it hurts to be put down. Everyone knows everyone has feelings so I am not able to wrap my head around as to why people think they can go around tearing people down with their words. Why don’t people realize that one nasty comment can ruin lives for example calling someone fat can lead them on a 10 year journey of an eating disorder or physically and verbally abusing your spouse can lead them into never wanting to get in a relationship because of fear. What is so hard about being nice? We humans need to stick together and uplift each other, love each other, be kind and help each other. I promise life would become so much easier and positive, we are just ruining it for our selves and everyone else. These days, people have become so scared of trusting and/or falling in love because they don’t want to get their hearts broken and that is just so sad! I mean having your guard up is always a great idea but building a brick wall and shutting yourself out is not!¬†We shouldn’t have to live like that. Sometimes, when I go to the mall I see a group of girls¬†picking¬†another girl apart and I think in disgust why? Why is it so necessary for a girl to pick another girl apart? This world already looks down upon us, we don’t need hate from females as well. Girls should empower and support each other, I swear the World would become a better place. Love will always be the answer and I highly recommend you to try it. Hate is for the weak and nothing good comes out of it. Just try it. Thanks for listening or should I day reading! Tata for now‚̧

Where I have been for the past 2 months.

HELLO EVERYONE! Oh my goodness, I have missed blogging so much! I kind of fell off because I wasn’t feeling all that great about myself and the situation I was in and I’m not going to lie, I actually did not want to blog anymore because I thought that there was no point in further blogging because everything that I write is so¬†negative and I didn’t want it to rub off on the people that read my posts so I did kind of back out. There would be days when I would have this strong urge to turn on my lap top and start writing but then I realized that I only have negative topics to write about such as how bad my day went or how sad I am with my current situation and that completely threw me off. However, I woke up today thinking otherwise. I realized that this is real life and not every day is going to be sugar and spice, and everything nice and it is totally okay. I created this blog for the sole purpose of helping people and making them realize that sometimes life happens and when you’re going through a¬†rough patch, you need to make the¬†most of it and pull through.¬†I realized that that was not what I was doing, I was pulling through but I was not making the most out of it. I was doing just the opposite by sitting at home, hiding from the world, feeling sorry for myself, thinking that everything was over for me but I realized this morning that that is not the way to live and if anything I’m just making my situation worse. Everybody on this planet and the aliens in outer space go through good times as well as some really bad times, that is just life and my main purpose for this blog is to help people come out of the bad times or help change their thoughts by documenting my not so normal crazy¬†life, telling them that if I can get out of some situations then so can they. But for the past two months I wasn’t in a good place mentally and I would be sad for many days and not want to leave my house or do anything. Some days, I could not walk because of the pain in my legs and that really took over my mind that I could not physically do anything, even something as small as blogging. I thought that I had nothing to blog about anymore because of all the negativity that was surrounding me but that has all changed now!¬†I have realized¬†that I can also document the bad times and bring my readers along with me during these times so they can learn a thing or two, maybe by knowing what I’m going through and how I overcame the bad times, they can overcome theirs. They’ll have some type of aid and¬†I am 100% sure that my readers can learn how to be strong when going through rough times from me so here I am again,¬†I can take my bad times and turn it in a positive thing and we can all stay strong together, it’s a win win situation for everyone! Anyways, I have an appointment I need to go to but I will come back and post some more.¬†Until next time, stay positive and keep your head up high my loves.